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Moves is a service that caters for businesses, families and individuals looking for storage in London. Whether you require more space, or are temporarily leaving the country and need somewhere to stow away your belongings, we have the perfect solution for you. Our facilities are situated in North and South London and we have several other stations around the country.

We all need storage for a variety of reasons. For businesses our service can be used to house goods, while families may want to pack away their furniture. Regardless of the requirements, we run a professional shift that will see our staff packing your belongings safely and transporting them to the designated warehouse in London. Each process is conducted with the utmost care for your items, ensuring that they’re kept in good condition.

In addition to our handy packing service, we offer storage facilities in London that provide:

  • State-of-the-art warehouses that store a variety of property safely
  • Access to your belongings whenever you see fit
  • Containers can be transported to your premises whenever the need arises
  • Constant supervision to ensure that your items are secure
  • Care for your goods, as belongings remain in the same container that they were packed into when they left your premises

Storage Warehouse in London

From our packing service to the storage of your belongings, you won’t be disappointed with how efficient we are. When you require your items, you can arrange for individual possessions or the entire load to be delivered – it’s entirely up to you.

Let Moves take care of your stuff. Contact us today so we can help you relocate your property to one of our storage facilities in London, or around the country.